Welcome to my book review blog, where I review the books that I read, so that you have an idea whether or not you would like to purchase and read it. Yes, I know, we all have different tastes in literature. That is why there are so many book review blogs.

I enjoy reading fantasy/dark fantasy/ dystopia/ paranormal/supernatural/ science fiction and some romance. Some of the books I review are either free to download, were gifted to me by authors for an honest review, or their publishers, were won on Goodreads in an author giveaway, or I purchased them. So if you have the same kind of reading tastes, you will enjoy my blog.

In the case of free downloads, I have and do add them here and are free WHEN I post them. I am in no way responsible if they are no longer free to download- so please do not send me hate mail.

I also post author giveaways when I can and will promote authors whom I review or are a beta reader for.


The Enchanted Reader